Your Stories: Lindsey Nickel, Lovely Day Events

One of the things we love best about the work we do is getting to know our wedding professionals. We love to hear about how they got started, why they do what they do, and how they’ve reached their goals and successes. In our newest blog series “Your Stories” we’re going to share some of those stories with all of you.

Lindsey Nickel
Lovely Day Events
Napa, CA

Tell us why you started your business. What motivated you to become a wedding industry professional?

Oh man, this is a long story, but I will tell the very short version. Being a wedding planner found me. When the economy crashed, I started the wedding business as a side job. It was actually called Events, Etc. because I was planning events (Events part) and anything else people wanted help with (Etc. part). I stuck with it because I love working with people, not being stuck in a cubicle and being part of the best day of a couple’s life. Now it’s my full time job.

What marketing strategies have been the most successful for your business?

The most successful strategy is in-person networking. It worked when I first launched my business in Jackson Hole and again when I moved and expanded to Napa. Hitting the pavement, touring venues, meeting vendors for coffee, attending mixers, anything and everything to get in front of real people has been very valuable.

What systems have you set up in your business to aid your success?

I have a few tools that I can not live without: G Suite, HoneyBook, Freshbooks and Later. I am a list person, so I keep checklists for every piece of my business to ensure nothing is missed and the client experience is consistent. I also have a VA to help me out with marketing and admin tasks.

What is one thing you know now, that you wish you’d known when starting your business?

Set business hours, your business can be successful without letting it take over your life. When I first started I worked all hours and was too accessible to inquiries and clients. Once I set office hours and stuck to them, it really helped my sanity. It also helped to be more focused on work when I was working. I read somewhere that there is no email coming in after 7:00pm that can’t wait until the next day, that is so true! Clients (and vendors) respect your time more when you set boundaries.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Still planning weddings and working with my ideal client at every single wedding. I recently launched Lovely Day Strategy to work with wedding pros on the business piece of their business so they can be successful and balanced. I see that taking a large role in five years.