Whether you’ve been in the wedding business for months, years, or decades, pricing is something that you likely deal with regularly, and maybe even struggle with, both how to determine your pricing, and how/when to communicate that pricing to couples.

In this workshop, we’ll talk about:

  • Different approaches to pricing strategies, including a la carte, packages, or a combination.
  • How and when it’s best to communicate pricing with couples, such as on your website or only after a meeting, and approaches.
  • The difference between discounting and negotiating.

Plus you’ll see how these strategies work in the real world with examples from many different categories within the wedding industry.

Workshop Sneak Peek

About the Speaker

Bethel Nathan

After more than eight years and more than 800 weddings – and becoming known locally as a specialist on marriage equality – Bethel Nathan now also enjoys helping other wedding industry and special event businesses grow and prosper as a business coach and industry speaker.

Combining her background in both small companies and very large companies (including at two global investment banks), Bethel found the right way to build a business that fit her.

She focused on not only being great at what she did for her clients, but also knowing her ideal client, developing relationships locally to support her and her business, finding the right marketing tools and methods to attract her ideal client, and focusing on the right systems and processes to best service them.

And Bethel now enjoys helping others across the country to do the same as a business coach and speaker.

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