Online Workshop: Writing an About Me Page that Gets You Hired

Workshop Description

You have a story to tell. You have a way of telling it. Use it. It sounds so basic, right?

You have to tell your story your way, so your DREAM clients can relate to you, your life, your story. What we’re talking about here is the About Page on your website.

In this workshop with Kristie Lorette McCauley from Wedding Planner Copy, you’ll learn:

  • The website wow copy recipe to write (or re-write) your About Me Page
  • How to tweak your copy to show clients how you are a benefit to them, so they hire you
  • The tone/voice you can use to put your dream clients at ease, so your story resonates with them + makes them want to work with you (+ only you)
  • Ways to build up your street cred, so couples like + trust you (You know, the factors that make them hire you)
  • The #1 to make them hire you after reading your About Page

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