Online Workshop: How To Use Email Marketing To Book More Weddings

Workshop Description

So many wedding professionals are missing out on a very powerful tool that could really supercharge their marketing and sales. That tool is email marketing.

Maybe you’ve heard about email marketing or you want to start but you don’t know how. If you’ve ever struggled with how to use email marketing effectively in your wedding business, this training will help you.

In this workshop, Heidi Thompson from Evolve Your Wedding Business walks you through how email marketing works, why it’s so powerful and how to get started.

  • See what’s possible with email marketing in your business
  • Know how the strategy behind email marketing works and how to implement it
  • Be able to get people to join your email list
  • Know what to send to your email subscribers
  • Understand how email marketing can save you time in your business

Workshop Sneak Peek

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