Online Workshop: Improve Your SEO By Swiping Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Workshop Description

In this online workshop with guest presenter Chad Hardy from SevenWired, you’ll learn how you can improve your wedding business website’s search engine optimization by swiping your competitor’s backlinks.

You’ll learn:

  • What a ‘backlink’ is and why you definitely want to have them!
  • What ‘Relevancy’ and ‘Authority’ are and why they’re SUPER important in Google’s results (plus how you can increase both of them!).
  • How you can use FREE tools to spy on your competitors. Quickly find out why they’re outranking your in the search engines.
  • How you can use those same FREE tools to swipe your competitors’ links, giving you the same powerful backlinks that will help you outrank them in Google.

Workshop Sneak Peek

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