Online Workshop: Create a Killer Content Calendar

Workshop Description

It’s been a while since you’ve blogged, and yet again, you’re scrambling to come up with the perfect topic to cover. Or you see that your wedding biz’s Facebook feed is a jumble of links to other people’s killer content, or an endless array of images of bouquets, with no variety in the mix.

Consider a content calendar the cure-all for writer’s block, bland blogging and boring social media feeds. It can help you plan for your business’s world domination by creating a method to your madness and ensuring that you’ll get the message you want out to your followers, loud and clear.

In this training, Jen Dennis and Lisa Milbrand from Moxie Workshop:

  • Show you step by step how to build a super-successful content calendar
  • Give you our fabulous formula for the perfect mix of content on your blog and social media feeds
  • Share our favorite tricks for putting your social media outreach on auto pilot
  • Teach you some nontraditional ways to look for calendar inspiration

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