Online Workshop: Build Buzz for Your Wedding Business

Workshop Description

Tired of seeing the same old names as experts on every bridal magazine article and website?

Wonder how to get on an editor’s short list—and see your name in lights—or at least, featured in those coveted key stories? Wonder no more!

Jen Dennis and Lisa Milbrand from Moxie Workshop spent the past 20 years working at every major wedding publication out there (except Martha Stewart!), and they’re going to give you the shortcuts and strategies to become the most-featured pro you know.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to build relationships with key editors and writers so you’re their go-to source
  • What editors want to feature in their real weddings—and how you can even influence your clients to make a real-wedding-perfect event
  • Strategies for building your blog or social media accounts to become a tastemaker in your field
  • Secret hangouts where writers search for sources—and where you can start building that relationship

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