Online Workshop: How to Book Higher-Paying Clients

Workshop Description

You’re running a wedding business but still not booking those dream clients – the kind who book your top-tier package and give you the creative license that will get you published in the best wedding blogs.

In this online workshop, Maria Bayer (creator of Irresistible Selling) will show you how to make potential clients understand why you’re worth what you charge – and get it.

You’ll learn:

  • The exact formula Maria’s students use to build so much value that they can raise their fees AND book more clients (many on the spot!)
  • The real reason why clients will pay more for your services (and it has nothing to do with talent!)
  • A simple strategy to use with ‘dangling clients’ to get them off the fence (Rachel used this strategy and booked a client that very week!)

Workshop Sneak Peek

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