Online Workshop: 7 Ways to Push Content Out into the Wedding Universe

Workshop Description

You know that you need content to market your business, but sometimes you just wind up scratching your head with no idea what to *do* with that big pile of content once you have it.

In this online workshop, Kristie Lorette McCauley from Wedding Planner Copy reveals some of the major ways you can push your content out into the wedding universe.

These are some of the same exact steps she regularly takes to distribute her own content to wedding industry pros (and they work like gangbusters), but you can just as easily apply them to attracting your DREAM brides.

You’ll learn:

  • How you can acquire specific outlets for reaching your dream brides.
  • How to push your content into the bridal universe and pull brides to your business.
  • How to engage a group of your dream brides with your content.

Workshop Sneak Peek

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