How to Make More Money Than You Spend on Your Next Advertising Campaign

You follow all the current advice: you’re on social media, you get published, you network, you spend tons on advertising… and somehow you’re still not getting ahead in the way you’d like to.

Whether you’re spending one minute or one dollar on marketing, you should be getting a return on your investment (ROI).  

In this workshop with Christie Osborne from Mountainside Media, we talked about the five key steps for getting a solid return on all of your marketing efforts so you can actually make more money than you spend on your next marketing campaign!

Workshop Sneak Peek

About the Speaker

Christie Osborne

Christie Osborne has 8+ years experience in small business development and online marketing. She has a passion for creating digital stories and useful content that draws ideal clients into a brand experience and delights, entertains and educates them so they book their perfect vendors and pay them what they’re worth.

Christie is also equally passionate about helping wedding vendors get a positive return on investment on the time and money they spend marketing their businesses.

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