What’s Inside the Workshop Library?

Complete masterclass listing

Below is a listing of every masterclass that is available within the Wedding Business Workshops library, including a link to view a sneak peek of each workshop.

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Productivity & Organization

  • Automate Your Boutique Event Business with Leah Weinberg [Watch Sneak Peek]
  • Time Management: Why It’s Not Really About Time with Kathryn Hofer [Watch Sneak Peek]
  • How to Stay Organized & Manage Your Business Info with Linda Chu [Watch Sneak Peek]

Branding & Your Ideal Client

  • Finding Your Ideal Client in the Real World with Christie Osborne [Watch Sneak Peek]
  • Benefits of Understanding Your True Ideal Client with Cheryl Bailey [Watch Sneak Peek]
  • Build Your Brand Through the Client Experience with Meghan Ely [Watch Sneak Peek]
  • Branding: Do You Need to Tweak Yours or Blow It Up? with Marc McIntosh [Watch Sneak Peek]

Marketing & PR

Social Media, Websites & SEO

Managing Relationships


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