does this sound familiar?

  • How can I book higher paying clients?
  • What can I do to build PR for my business?
  • What is the best way to approach pricing for my wedding business?
  • What marketing do I have to be doing in my business to see results?

You know that the wedding industry is highly competitive, but you also know how completely overwhelming it can be to create and manage an effective marketing and business building strategy.

The internet is full of information and ‘experts’ telling you all of the things you SHOULD be doing, but who the heck has time for all of that research?

You want to be out there creating opportunities for your business, meeting people and making sales.

Not spending hours and hours weeding through the hoards of info and half-truths that some late night Googling will provide for you.

You’re in luck

I’ve done the legwork for you, and have curated some of the top wedding industry thought leaders and experts to share their knowledge.

In Wedding Business Workshops, you’ll discover an extremely affordable online resource library that provides you with high quality, reliable marketing and business training to grow and manage your wedding business.

Available 24/7 for you to watch at your convenience, when it suits your schedule.

Think of the workshop library as your online and on-demand business and marketing conference for the wedding industry!

Maria Bayer

“This is a no-brainer for anyone in the wedding industry who wants to up their game – quickly. One of the most important things as a business owner is to shortcut their learning curve as quickly as possible, and to flush out the right people who can help them get you there. Brenda does that work for you, and delivers with unprecedented access to curated experts that typically charge a minimum of $200+/hour for their time, for a fraction of that price.”

Maria Bayer

Liz Grimes

“Using Wedding Business Workshops has been a great asset for my business. I have used the resources available on this website to bring my website to first page on Google, ranking first on my local search engines. Using the knowledge and skills gained from the workshops has allowed me to increase not only the number of weddings done, but also the total dollar of income generated while increasing my profit margins.”

Liz Grimes

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What’s Inside the library?

You’ll have instant access to all 40 workshops with 24/7 access so you can watch the workshops whenever it’s convenient for YOU, from desktop, mobile or tablet.

Inside the library you’ll find masterclasses on the following topics:

  • Business Fundamentals
  • Pricing
  • Branding & Your Ideal Client
  • Sales & PR
  • Marketing
  • Social Media, Websites & SEO
  • Productivity & Organization
  • Managing Relationships
  • Mindset

Kellie Daab

“Wedding Business Workshops is the best library of information geared towards the wedding industry. I love finding masterclasses that touch on exactly where I’m at in my business and using those classes to implement changes in my business. The content is always fresh and the speakers have a wide range of expertise. It’s the first place I go when I need to learn something new or need help with something. Thanks for an awesome and affordable education option!”

Kellie Daab

Meghan Ely

“I’m a big proponent of ongoing education so I am thrilled that Wedding Business Workshops has made it accessible for wedding professionals from all walks of life to gain insight, tips and tricks from some of the top experts in the field. Better yet- you can go at your own pace. If you’re looking to stand out from the competition in this ever-evolving market, then it’s time to make this investment.”

Meghan Ely

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Meet Your Host

Hi! I’m Brenda Cadman.

I’m a website educator who helps creative professionals like you to learn how to create a better website, and I’m also a Canva educator who teaches small business owners how to more consistently create beautiful graphics in Canva.

I’ve been a business owner for nearly 20 years and I currently own Bon Accord Creative, a WordPress development company based in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

And I’ve worked extensively with wedding professionals since 2013, and have cultivated relationships with some of the best speakers that you’ll find in the wedding industry.

That combination of experience and relationship building enables me to bring to you thought leaders from the wedding industry to help you focus on the business and marketing topics that will help you to build and grow your wedding business.

I look forward to getting to know you!


How is the content delivered?

Once you’ve signed up for the workshop library, you’ll get immediate access to the member site. All of the workshops are provided in video format and you’ll have 24/7 access to view the trainings.

Where can I find a list of the workshops that are included in the library?

There is a full listing of workshops and sneak peeks available here.

Do you have a refund policy?

You betcha. There is a 7 day refund policy, so you can check out the workshop library at no risk.

What if I have additional questions?

Still on the fence? Not sure if Wedding Business Workshops is the right fit for you? Just send me an email with your question and I’ll be happy to get you the answers you seek.

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Get Instant Access for $49