What do you do when two vendors on the event team aren’t the biggest fans of each other? What happens when family or co-worker relationships don’t mix? How do you keep things running smooth when personalities clash? And how do you build a team that works well together?

In this workshop, Kim Sayatovic discusses vendor relationships, client relationships, and how to build your tribe.

Workshop Sneak Peek

About the Speaker

Kim Sayatovic

Before embarking in the event industry Kim Sayatovic received her BA in Public Relations from Tulane University, and before that, she spent almost 10 years working as an industrial property manager. She spent most of her childhood and teen years working in the service industry in and around New Orleans.

Kim’s previous corporate experience has taught her the importance of discretion and client satisfaction and her hobby as a photographer has given her an eye for detail and creativity that fits event planning perfectly.

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