In this workshop, Cheryl Bailey from Wedding Industry Rescue shares her proven approach to implementing higher pricing strategies by marketing to your True Ideal Client.

We’ll review ways to understand who your own unique ideal client is for your business and how to speak to them in your personal voice.

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies to help you avoid discounting your services
  • Understanding how to align your prices with your Ideal Client
  • How to reach your Ideal Client through your content

Workshop Sneak Peek

About the Speaker

Cheryl Bailey

Cheryl Bailey is one half of Wedding Industry Rescue along with her husband Shea. They offer expert guidance for the wedding industry, but Cheryl is also a Luxury Wedding Planner based in Austin, Texas, working with clients whose budgets are $100,000 and above.

Cheryl and Shea travel the globe, speaking at industry events and sharing their knowledge of the luxury wedding market with wedding pros just like you.

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