At the end of the day, we’re all selling something – an idea, an opinion, a product, a service, it all comes back to YOU and selling yourself.

In this workshop, Maria Bayer will share her best tips for selling yourself authentically, whether you’re talking with a potential client, attending a networking event, or on a first date. You’ll walk away with the key factors that will bring you more clients, cash and influence.

You’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake most people make when talking to a potential client, partner or date…and what to do instead
  • Whether ‘sales spiels’ will seal the deal (or kill it)
  • The secret to winning the hearts, minds and loyalty of your clients (hint: Apple does this!)

Workshop Sneak Peek

About the Speaker

Maria Bayer

Maria Bayer is the creator of “Irresistible Selling” – an online group coaching program she designed to help creative entrepreneurs book higher-paying clients, build their business, and design a life they love.

Maria teaches the authentic selling strategies that helped her triple her income in less than a year, and go on to win over $25 Million in sales from companies like Target, Best Buy, Office Max and Hyatt.

When Maria isn’t working with her clients, she can be found spending time with her husband Tim and fur-baby Gia, usually with a cappuccino in hand.

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